The Dream Builder Workshop


September 9 – 11, 2016

Fennville, MI


Three days of empowerment, healing & transformation


Are you ready to let go? Are you ready to leave the past behind? Are you ready to let life in in a bigger way. Are you ready for Empowerment, Healing and Transformation?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions, the 3-day Dream Builder Workshop is for you.

This experience is for goal-oriented women who have a deep desire to live a soul-centered life and are looking for the tools, transformation and healing to make that happen.

It is often true that in order to find ourselves, we need to leave our zip code and the most powerful change happens when we are out of our comfort zone.

This 3-day workshop is about releasing the layers and coming out a stronger more empowered self. If you are feeling big change stirring inside, are ready to start letting go, and are looking for support to help you manifest your vision –

The Dream Builder is for you.

Your Guide

I am Cherin Rykaczewski and I have been helping people heal and transform  for the past ten years.  I provide the guidance, wisdom, motivation, tools, inspiration and grounded support to take you to your next step so you can start living your dreams. You can learn more about my work at SoulFire Coaching and Healing.

I had such a breakthrough! I felt my spiritual connection like I never have before and I felt renewed energy coming back into my body.
~Julie Sugar Grove,IL

Thank you for an amazing experience! It truly was MAGICAL and I am still reliving it!
~Daniela, Palm Beach, FL


The Dream Builder Workshop is a small, intimate event

Registration is limited to ten women only. This is intentional, allowing us to come together in a powerful way but also allowing each of us to have our own space.

Each day we will be immersed in group activities for healing and transformation.

Each morning and evening will be leisurely and unscheduled, leaving time for group outings, paired excursions or private time by yourself.

In our 3 days together you will ….

  • Finally understand who you are and what will make your life click
  • Receive direct divine spiritual guidance to guide your path
  • Learn the tools necessary to create a life of flow and success
  • Release layers of self-sabotaging old energy
  • Allow new layers of strength and empowerment to emerge
  • Start harnessing the laws of attraction to live with more trust and ease
  • Relieve fears and anxieties and finally start living in the now
  • Gain the freedom and self-assuredness that comes from releasing the past
  • Allow in new levels of lightness, self love and self-acceptance

Re-enter your life feeling

completely renewed — powerful — clear — confident — motivated — and full of joy!

Have you made small changes but there still seems to be a weight holding you down?

Do you want to be moving forward towards your goals but “stuff” just keeps getting in the way?

Do you have dreams brewing just under the surface? Are you dreaming of going big? Do you dare to imagine going even bigger?

Are you feeling momentum but still yearning for that extra edge?

the details


CHECK-IN is on Friday, September 9 at 10 am.

CHECK-OUT  is on Sunday, September 11 at 3:00 pm.

This 3-Day Workshop includes:

Lodging for 2 nights
Each Accommodation at The Red Spirit has a view completely surrounded by trees and the serenity of nature.
There are 5 private bedrooms in the Cabin
4 Dorm style beds in the open Screened in Porch
1 Private Cabin

Accommodations are on a first come basis. If you know you want a private room—please call immediately to reserve your space.

Food: All breakfasts and lunches will be at the retreat center. Karen Duffin is our host and will be preparing homemade nutritious and delicious meals to delight our stay. Karen also specializes in fresh baked Michigan fruit pies, gluten–free snacks and gluten-free granola. Coffee, tea, and herb-infused water will be complimentary throughout your stay.

All Dietary restrictions can be accommodated—I just need to know in advance.

Dinner will be off-site and not included. Always a fun adventure in itself. Downtown Fennville has an awesome artisanal café (with live music on the weekends) and there are plenty of great restaurants in downtown Douglas and Saugatuck.

Outside of our regular group workshop there will be time for activities such as….

  • Woodland Trail walks
  • Star gazing
  • Campfire Wisdom talks
  • Beach Walks
  • Beach Swims ( weather permitting)
  • Mandala Coloring
  • Quiet time

The total cost for lodging + food (breakfast and lunch) + the workshop activities + Life Transformation is $455.

A non-refundable deposit of $185 is due upon registration, in order to hold your spot. The remainder of the payment ($270) is due when you arrive at the event.

I KNOW this event is going to be extraordinary. I am trusting that just the right mix of Ten Women will come together and you will all find exactly what you need on your own SoulFire Journey.

Please reach out to find out more or with any questions, or to say a Brave YES to The Dream Builder Workshop. Once you register you will get an email with more information, what to bring, etc.

Registration ends on September 5th. Reserve your spot today.
Email me at or call 815.922.2998

I can’t wait to hear from you and see you in circle on Friday morning!

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