The Dream Builder Workshop

September 9 – 11, 2016 in Fennville, MI

Three days of empowerment, healing & transformation

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What people are saying:

“The retreat gave me greater freedom to dream and pursue my dreams– and the breakthrough that I now know I will be able to manifest my dreams more easily.”

“Loved it! The support and enlightenment– the goal setting to the vision happening.”

“Thank you for the retreat!! I felt welcomed– accepted– and I now know I can make ‘my dreams come true’ a reality.”

Past Events



This one day Spring Workshop is about revitalizing the spirit after the dreary winter months. Reconnect  to your authentic spirit. Reconnect spiritually and receive guidance about your path. Learn the absolute most essential tool for successful living. Learn about what ‘stories’ your are holding onto and create new ‘empowered’ stories. Lastly- we use the powerful healing benefits of Breathwork to receive any final important guidance, release what’s blocking us and ground in the learnings of the day.

The Journey Back to You workshop was great! I left feeling energized, more conscious and more positive. It helped me understand where I am at spiritually and psychologically and also where I want to be. The introspection I received got me motivated for the future!
~Lupe, Chicago, IL



In a safe, nurturing, healing and supportive setting learn how this powerful practice can transform your life and release layers of ‘old-self’ that are keeping you from feeling your authentic, amazing wholeness. We are all trying to get back to that wonderful feeling of wholeness – but there is so much weighing us down. Breathwork releases what’s getting in the way and gives us divine guidance on what’s next.

Before group Breathwork I was feeling kind of “MEH”. After Breathwork—I am feeling FREAKING AWESOME! Recentered, focused and accomplished! Everything was great—the group environment—and I especially LOVE the post Breathwork feeling. PLEASE do this again!
~Tina, Forest Park, IL



This January Retreat is for starting off the NEW YEAR in a very powerful way.  Through journaling we take time to honor and celebrate all the gifts and growth of the previous year. Next– through sacred ceremony release whatever we are most ready to let go of. Then we learn and practice powerful tools to manifest our biggest visions for the New Year. Lastly— through a Group Guided Hypnosis experience we ground in our new positive energy,  affirmations  and intentions.

I am feeling amazing and revitalized from the Retreat! Thank you! It was Perfect!
~Donna, Bolingbrook, IL